Group menu

20 – 60 people

Sour cream-lime glazed oven with salmon, boiled potatoes.
Price: 13.50 € / person.

Beef stew, spinach and potatoes with mussels,
Price: 12.50 € / person.

Meatballs, with cream sauce, mashed potatoes and oven vegetables.
Price: 12.50 € / person.

Pork tenderloin, with pepper sauce, french fries and oven-baked vegetables.
Price: 12.50 € / person.

Creamy salmon soup, archipelago bread.
Price: 12.50 € / person.

Salad table, hot food, water and coffee.
Serving from a standing table.
Driver and guide free of charge!

Coffee and cinnamon bun
Price: 5.50 € / person.

Ordering, prices and payment terms!
We require a uniform menu selection for the whole party, with the exception of food allergies.
We take into account food allergies reported in advance. The order must be confirmed 7 days before the event. We will invoice the minimum order according to the number of people confirmed in advance by the customer.

We will also be happy to make an offer for other options.
Please contact! (02) 463 1600
We reserve the right to make changes.